Thursday, February 26, 2009

Broken Promises

Looks like dear leader Obama, in addition to all of his other broken promises (ban on corporate lobbyists, vows of bipartisanship vs. "I won", hope-n-change vs. doom-n-gloom, restoring integrity with tax-dodging nominees...the list goes on), 'The One' and AG Eric Holder apparently do want to "take your guns away." Holder announced to day that Obama would support re-instating the Klinton era 'assault weapons ban' know, the law that said you couldn't have things on your gun like flash suppressors, grenade launchers, and bayonet mounts?! Good thing too, the last thing I want is to face a criminal with a bayonet on his gun! Yikes!!

The guys who ran out and bought so-called 'assault rifles' (as referred to by the leftists) look like geniuses right now. Obama said he wasn't going to mess people's guns, yet here he and his AG are talking about gun legislation before the end of his 2nd month as president.

After his election, gun sales shot up...he responded by saying that gun-owning Americans did not need to rush out and stock up before he was sworn in. Clearly, that statement was a lie.

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